UPDATE:Maine Controversial Transgenger Bill Defeated 12-0

theNational.buzz | by Calvin Audibert | January 19, 2024

theNational.buzz Summary:

  • Maine LD 1735 proposes changes to gender-affirming healthcare for minors, sparking debate and opposition.
  • Opponents claim LD 1735 will give custody of minors to state.
  • Maine bill if enacted will apply to all other states.

January 25, 2024 GOP Legislator’s LD 1735 Press Conference Facebook

UPDATE: Maine 1735 was voted “Ought Not To Pass” this afternoon (January 25) by the Maine Judiciary Committee.

The Maine Judiciary Committee has delayed a key work session for the controversial bill, LD 1735, titled “An Act to Safeguard Gender-affirming Health Care.”

Initially scheduled for this week, the session has been postponed to January 25 at 3:00 PM. Introduced by State Representative Laurie Osher (D-Orono), the bill has sparked intense debate across the state.

LD 1735, also referred to by opponents as the “Transgender Trafficking Bill”, proposes that Maine could accept minors from other states seeking transgender treatments. These treatments include breast binding, penis tucking, irreversible puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries.

A significant aspect of the bill, as highlighted by CourageIsAHabit.org, is the provision for the state to take custody of these minors, making them wards of the state.

The bill has drawn criticism from various state legislators including Maine State Representative Katrina Smith (R-Palermo) vocalizing her concerns with LD 1735.

She recently appeared on Fox News, warning about the bill’s potential implications for minors in Maine and nationwide. Smith described the bill as a push by Democrat leaders to position Maine as a “transgender safe haven.”

Representative Smith is not alone in her opposition. State Representative David Haggan (R-Hampden) spoke to The Maine Wire, expressing his stark view of the bill:

“This bill authorizes the kidnapping and massacring of children from other states without parental consent.”

State Rep David Haggan (R-Hampden)

What Can Be Done To Defeat LD 1735

CourageIsAHabit.org outlines a plan for voters to engage in the legislative process to contest the passage of this bill.

LD 1735 Call To Action

No later than Tuesday, January 24th by 10:00pm ET, email each committee member by following these two easy steps:

1) Copy the 8 email addresses below and paste into a new email.
2) Copy a sample email below and send. (Recommendation: add a bit of customization as it will be more impactful)

As this bill will effect every state in the country, voters outside of Maine are encouraged to submit testimony how Maine’s LD 1735, “An Act to Safeguard Gender-affirming Health Care” would effect them and others in their state.

Committee Member Emails

Mass copy for desktop/laptop : Eric.Brakey@legislature.maine.gov; Anne.Carney@Legislature.Maine.gov; Matthew.Moonen@legislature.maine.gov; Donna.Bailey@Legislature.Maine.gov; Amy.Kuhn@Legislature.Maine.gov; Adam.Lee@Legislature.Maine.gov; Steve.Moriarty@legislature.maine.gov; Erin.Sheehan@Legislature.Maine.gov

Mass copy for iPhone/mobile : Eric.Brakey@legislature.maine.gov Anne.Carney@Legislature.Maine.gov Matthew.Moonen@legislature.maine.gov Donna.Bailey@Legislature.Maine.gov Amy.Kuhn@Legislature.Maine.gov Adam.Lee@Legislature.Maine.gov Steve.Moriarty@legislature.maine.gov Erin.Sheehan@Legislature.Maine.gov

Senator Eric Brakey – R Senate District 20 | Eric.Brakey@legislature.maine.gov

Senator Anne Carney – Chair D – Senate District 29 | Anne.Carney@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Matt Moonen – Chair D – House District 117 | Matthew.Moonen@legislature.maine.gov

Senator Donna Bailey – Senate District 31 | Donna.Bailey@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Amy Kuhn – House District 111 | Amy.Kuhn@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Adam Lee – House District 89 | Adam.Lee@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Stephen Moriarty – House District 110 | Steve.Moriarty@legislature.maine.gov

Representative Erin Sheehan – House District 132 | Erin.Sheehan@Legislature.Maine.gov

Sample Emails (5 Samples)

Rep. Smith told theNational.buzz that gender-affirming health care,

is a mental health issue. It hasn’t been said often enough but this is a “pandemic-type issue.” This is not something that we can accept in any form, especially for children. Overall, it’s a problem in that de-transiting is a huge reality at this point for many adults. And adults have the choice to have gender mutilation surgery but LD 1735 is primarily about minors and we can never support that.”

One Maine mother told theNational.buzz,

“Ask yourself this question: years from now, what will this State be known for? I have always been proud of growing up in Maine. Proud of the way that it’s a safe State. Lots of country, beauty, and protectiveness. I hope this remains, but lately… I am doubting it… unless… we wake up.

I talk with people all over the US and in other countries, and let me tell you… that they are shaking their heads about laws and legislature changing in Maine. Let me tell you, it’s not good things that they are saying. Sadly, the things changing are things that we are losing control of. Being taken right away from individuals and families. Who are we protecting anymore? Not pregnancies. Or the unborn. But you will be put in jail if you killed a puppy (and rightly so). A law passed to terminate a pregnancy up to birth (Governor Mills said so, that someone can come to Maine and get it done when other states won’t allow it). This is sick, people. So we are now known and talked about by other states and the world for this.

And last, but not least… this new law being voted on Jan 25th. LD 1735. Not protecting parent’s rights. So, a parent can have children… but people in the State House want to step in and make decisions for them and not let parents. Are you kidding me??? If this doesn’t wake you up… it should. I will always stand up for parents’ rights. That is THEIR child. Blatant legislators… who are proposing this bill ought to lose their job.

Years ago, the voters would have taken them out of office for this stuff. People making laws… wanting to make money off our kids and rip rights out of parents’ hands just to profit off them. And their intent is: you guessed it – so people can come to Maine and put us on the map for ripping parental rights away on kids’ decisions… there is a reason why a child lives with parents. So that they have time to grow up and decide safely what they want to do with their life… but give them time to totally grow up. They are not equipped to make life-changing decisions safely until they are grown up! That is why they are not allowed to marry until 18 or smoke until 21.

So no protection for their best in this bill at all. So they will force a parent to let them mess their hormones and body all up… or the law will TAKE KIDS AWAY from any parent who says… no. Parents know their kids. We will have regrets on the other side of this guys= if you don’t take action. Start standing up for your rights. Call your representative. Let them know you will not let your decision-making power to be taken away. When even Megan Kelley is talking about this and most people don’t know about this proposed legislation. Parents being puppets of the State… if you let this happen. Wow!!”

As the debate continues, the postponed work session on January 25 will be a critical moment for the future of LD 1735 and its impact on gender-affirming healthcare for minors in Maine.

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