GOP Lawmakers Rip Joe Biden for Using Email Alias to Conduct Family Business

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Republican lawmakers expressed deep concern on Tuesday after reports surfaced of then-President Joe Biden using email aliases to conduct family business.

Breitbart | by Wendell Husebo | August 29, 2023

Joe Biden used the aliases — “Robert Peters,” “Robin Ware,” and “JRB Ware” — to share government information and discuss business with Hunter Biden and associates, according to the Southeastern Legal Foundation, which filed a lawsuit to compel the National Archives (NARA) to turn over the emails.

In one email sent to Joe Biden in 2016, “Robert L. Peters” received a message that cc’d Hunter Biden about Ukraine. The email includes an attachment with the vice president’s schedule, indicating that he had spoken by phone to then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

“There is more than enough evidence to open an inquiry into Biden Corruption LLC,” House Judiciary Committee member Harriet Hageman exclusively told Breitbart News. “Months ago, I made clear that an impeachment inquiry into the President should be opened and since then we’ve only seen more evidence to support it.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hinted on Sunday that an impeachment inquiry could be launched as soon as late September against Joe Biden. If McCarthy opened an inquiry, it would demand 218 votes to pass articles of impeachment through the House to the Senate. Any impeachment would likely start in the House Judiciary Committee before being sent to the entire House for approval.

“The American people have a right to know how much graft was involved, how deeply our national security was compromised, and how many federal agencies have been corrupted with Joe Biden as leader of the Biden crime family,” Hageman said.

Not all Republicans appear convinced that an impeachment proceeding is the right line of attack to uncover more revelations about the Biden scandal. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) exclusively told Breitbart News that if Republicans are undecided about an impeachment inquiry, it is indicative of Republican failure.

“We’re literally in a crisis in this country if we cannot vote for an impeachment inquiry with yet another bombshell news story about the corruption that the secretive nature of Joe Biden,” Greene said. “We know it is correspondence with Hunter Biden.”

“Joe Biden is again on record proven to be lying to the American people about his knowledge and involvement with his son and business partners,” Greene added.

The Archives repeatedly refused to provide the emails and records linked to Joe Biden’s aliases. The Southeastern Legal Foundation first filed the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Archives for Biden’s emails in 2021. Two years later, it renewed the request, but the Archives “failed to produce a single one of these emails,” the foundation said.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation Archives revealed Monday that the Archives acknowledged the emails and records exist after it filed a lawsuit to compel the agency to turn over the emails and records.

“Obama should allow NARA to release the 5,100 email messages and 200 pages of records,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told Breitbart News. “I’ve been researching Joe Biden’s use of private emails since 2021. Three letters to the Biden White House have gone unanswered, and NARA provided the usual non-response response.”

GOP House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) also echoed Sen. Johnson’s concern. “The National Archives must immediately release these emails,” she said. “The American people have a right to know how compromised Joe Biden is.”

The Archives’ lack of transparency may be politically driven. According to NARA, the agency notifies the White House Counsel’s Office of requests for records of former presidents that are currently unopened to the public or that are proposed for public disclosure. The agency also notifies the representatives of the former President and Vice President who created these records.

Follow Wendell Husebø on Twitter @WendellHusebø. He is the author of Politics of Slave Morality.


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