GOP Rep. Buck on Biden Impeachment: Some of My Constituents ‘Want Revenge’

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Breitbart | by PamKey | August 29, 2023

House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) said Monday on CNN’s “The Lead” that some of his constituents wanted to impeach President Joe Biden to get “revenge” for the two impeachments of former President Donald Trump.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Let’s turn to the Republican leadership, the House Republican leadership’s push to open an inquiry targeting President Biden. Last month, you notably called impeachment talk a ‘shiny object’ to distract from budget negotiations. What are you hearing about the impeachment inquiry conversation in your discussions with other members for of the House Republican Caucus and, for that matter, from your constituents back home?”

Buck said, “Yeah, so I think the Speaker is intending to either bring a floor vote or, and it doesn’t appear that one is necessary by the Constitution, he may just order an impeachment inquiry to move forward.”

He continued., “My constituents back here, really in all of Colorado, are split on this issue. A lot of them — and part of this, Jake, I think it’s fair to say doesn’t justify in having an impeachment inquiry or an impeachment of President Biden — but part of this is based on the fact that President Trump was impeached twice and acquitted twice by the Senate. I think there’s more of an appetite on the right now for impeachment because it really hasn’t been respected the way it was for the last 150, 200 years.”

Buck added, “So I think my constituents back here, some of them want revenge, some of them want retribution, and others want to move on and solve the problems that we face in this country.”

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